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Low Cost Perth Airport Parking

Perth International and Domestic Airport serves the large city of Perth, in Western Australia, and is currently rated as the fourth busiest airport for passenger traffic in Australia.  PER is the airport’s official IATA code, and it is found a few kilometres to the east of central Perth.  Large roads provide easy access to the airport for passengers on departure flights, and taxis as well as a number of buses are available at the airport for passengers on arrival flights who need to get into the city.  Perth Airport parking is available in abundance as well, and is offered at affordable parking rates. 

The airport of Perth has one terminal building that is dedicated to all international flights.  This terminal is approximately 17km from central Perth, and is accessed by way of the Tonkin Highway.  To make the trip more convenient for airport passengers and visitors, a new intersection has been built that forms a link between the Tonkin Highway and Dunreath Drive.  From here the airport is just a short distance.  The new intersection has helped to relieve traffic in the vicinity of Horrie Miller Drive, which is the road of the airport (International Terminal).  Short-term and long-term parking is available at the International Terminal (T1).

On the western side of the airport grounds are the two domestic terminals.  They are known as Terminal 3 and Terminal 4.  Currently, all Qantas, QantasLink and Jetstar flights are handled from Terminal 4, while flights operated by Tiger Airways, Skywest, Virgin Australia and Alliance Airlines are handled from Terminal 3.  In the near future, Terminal 2 will be completed, and all the airline companies besides Virgin Australia will move to the newer building.  Virgin Australia will then  be the sole flight operator in Terminal 3.  The domestic terminals are accessed via Lord Street and the Tonkin Highway, and are approximately 12km from central Perth - about a twenty-five minute drive.  Various kinds of parking facilities can be found nearby these terminals as well. 

There is also another terminal building at Perth Airport which is used for charter flights.  It is referred to as the General Aviation Terminal and is found along Fauntleroy Ave, Newton Road and Valentine Road.  Parking facilities are also available for those on charter flights by companies such as Cobham, Network Aviation and Skippers Aviation. 

Perth Airport Parking – International Terminal

The short-term parking area of the International Terminal is ideal for picking up or dropping off passengers because there are dedicated lanes for these activities in front of the area, and for business travellers who are looking for convenient parking spaces nearby to their check-in counters.  The general parking bays are found at the rear of the car park, and may be used by business travellers or by anyone who needs to leave their car for one to three days at the airport.  The car park is within walking distance of the terminal, and there are free luggage trolleys available.  It is also open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, equipped with CCTV surveillance and regular security patrols are made.  The first fifteen minutes of parking is free and the maximum fee for a day is $38.00.  One to two hours of parking will cost $10.00 and three days of parking will cost $105.00. 

Long-term parking for the International Terminal is convenient as well, however, a shuttle will be required to reach the check-in facilities, as it is located further from the terminal.  The buses are available every ten minutes, throughout the day and night, and every day of the week.  The car park is ideally used by passengers staying longer than a day, and is cheaper than the short-term parking area.  There are over 4,000 spaces available. 

Perth Airport Parking – Domestic Terminals

Four parking options are available for passengers travelling on domestic flights.  The short-term car park has pick up and drop off bays as well as general parking bays, and is conveniently located nearby the terminals.  The first fifteen minutes are free of charge, and up to half an hour will cost $4.00.  Two days will cost $75.00, and other charges are the same as for the short-term car park of the International Terminal.  A long-term car park is connected to the domestic terminal buildings by free shuttle buses.  It has over 6,000 spaces, and is open twenty-four hours a day.  The shuttles are available every ten minutes from in front of the terminal and from the bus shelters at the car park.  A day will cost just $20.00, two days will cost $35.00 and three days will cost $55.00.  Each day thereafter, or part thereof, will cost an additional $10.00. 

In front of the T3 and T4 passenger buildings is an area referred to as Fast Track Business Parking.  It features covered parking bays, and is ideally used by business travellers looking for premium and convenient parking options.  Three days in this area will cost $120.00. 

Perth Airport has a ‘Park and Wait’ area as well, which can be used for up to ninety minutes.  This car park has fifty spaces, and is used by motorists who would like to wait for arriving passengers.  A donation is required upon entry of the Park and Wait area, and all proceeds go to charities such as the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and Youth Focus.  The Park and Wait area can be accessed from Dunreath Drive.   

General Aviation Terminal Parking

The Regional Parking area can be accessed via Valentine Road.  It is CCTV equipped, and regularly patrolled by security officials.  One hour of parking is available free of charge, and one day will cost just $10.00.  Each day or part thereof will be an additional $10.00.

Disabled car parking bays are available in all the car parks of the airport, and the shuttle buses used are accessible.  Only motorists with a valid ACROD parking permit may use the disabled parking bays.  In general, Perth Airport parking payments can be made at the exits of the car parks with a credit card, or at the automated pay machines.